My name is James Larkins and I live in Edmonds, WA with my wife Tara, our daughter Kate, our dog Kaley and our two cats Bunkie and Kibbie.

Iím a technology nut, car nut, gun nut and a photography nut.†

I guess you could say Iím all kinds of nuts.

My father took up wood pen turning as a hobby about a decade ago and started turning all sorts of neat pens.† About 4 years ago, he saw an article that showed someone using wood pen turning kit components to make a bullet pen with a 30-06 case for the front and a deer antler for the back.† My father enlisted my help and firearms knowledge to see if we could make one ourselves.† With basic equipment, we were able to make some for ourselves, but there were quite a few challenges and obstacles to really get the process down.†


I still have my prototype bullet pen and have used it on a daily basis ever since.† I have also repaired it several times.† For several years now, I have been thinking of ways to improve the design and implementation.† Iíve seen a few people selling them online and selling components to make your own, but there has been limited innovation and variety.† Until now!


My wife asked me to make a few pens for a police charity fundraiser mid 2012.† I finally made it a priority and my obsession took over.† I spent the next 4 months implementing new methods of fabrication and assembly, researching materials, failing and learning from these failures to create a truly high quality bullet pen.